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2024-05-22 02:17:38

Why is Europe so weak militarily that it can't tell Russia to back off Ukraine?

Because the USA has babysat them militarily for the last 80 years.

So the Speaker Of The House spends his time on tax payers dime at Dumpy's

trial, and leaves MTG and her clown show alone in Congress. Great job MJ!

If the GOP had the morals that they claim they do,

Dumpy would be forced off their 2024 ticket.

A faith, is not a fact.

If you can't take down the USA externally, do it internally.

With endless military spending.

Not taxing corporations and the rich.

Cheap recreational drugs.

Mindless entertainment.

Electing morons to the government.

Replacing education with religion.

Why is the US government not calling for the end of the war in Ukraine?

Is it because the MIC making too much of the ching ching?

Where are the funds going to come from to repair Ukraine?

Excellent testing ground for US weapons and Russian tactics. (Top ten!)

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