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2024-04-18 10:52:06

So your God is just sitting around watching the show

between Iran and Israel and doing what, eating popcorn?

Religions and Gods are the biggest con ever created by man.

They can't take the USA down from the outside,

so they do it from the inside.

Senator Lindsey Graham gets a free pass by the GOP for not being married,

but Senator Tim Scott does not. Why is that?

Saudi Arabia is rich from oil profits.

The USA is one of the top producers of oil and natural gas for the world.

The USA is $34+ trillion in debt.

Where are all the USA's oil and natural gas profits?

MTG is a perfect example of what is wrong with the USA.

8+ billion people are cancer to this planet.

(We only need about 2 billion.)

Dumpy's favorite Bible story probably would be after Lot left town.

Dumpy's favorite reason for his failures, it is someone else's fault.

Predictors of the future?

StarTrek "The Ultimate Computer" 1968

StarTrek "The Mark of Gideon" 1969

War Games 1983

Terminator 1984

Seinfeld "The Couch" 1994

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