Hello to everyone around the internet world.

2024-07-24 18:19:54

If you would not trust Dumpy with your teenage daughter,

why would you trust him with the presidency?

Biden and Menendez are out. So when is the GOP going

to remove the convicted criminal and Epstein buddy Trump

from their ticket?

The GOP. The party that wraps itself in the flag, the

constitution, morality and God is a sham.

Trumps former cabinet and his previous (and current)

VPs say that Trump is unfit for office.

When are the DEMs going to learn that

MAGA morons do not care about facts?

The GOP hated Bill Clinton but Trump is BC on steroids.

2024-07-18 at the RNC, Idiocracy arrived in the USA.

Tech will not save the planet but having 2 billion

total human population by 2130 might.

If you can't take down the USA externally, do it internally.


*** Getting morons elected the government. ***

*** Replacing education with religion. ***

Endless military spending.

Not taxing corporations and the rich.

Cheap recreational drugs.

Mindless entertainment.

Your GOD does not exist.

Your religion, and its rules, apply just to you.

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