Two nuke powers try to destroy each other over the years.

Can't do it from the outside.

So you help install a moron at the top to do it for you.


One of these statements is true.

Flat earthers are morons or scammers.

Trump is a great president.

God is real.



The downfall of the USA.



Start kidnapping humans from Africa and elsewhere for slavery. (The Bible says it is OK so...)

Lie and steal from natives. (More countries than just the future USA.)



US Government lies to get the USA into another political war. Continues systemic oppression/racism of minorities. Poverty.


Start shipping jobs overseas. Americans start buying cheap crap because we can’t afford anything since the jobs are moving overseas. Minimum wage does not cover inflation while exec’s pay skyrockets. Poverty.


US Government stopped fully paying the bills and starts borrows trillions of dollars it can never pay back. Top/Large corporations buy the top politicians and stop paying taxes. Top billionaires, millionaires and corporations funnel money out of the USA to avoid taxes. (Loopholes made by the very politicians that were purchased.) Government helps make Union’s irrelevant.


Nothing changes.


Nothing changes. Elected George W. Bush as President. He and his cronies lie and take us into another war against a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. People unwilling to support sensible gun laws to stop mass shootings. Religious entities are outed as pedophiles after covering up for centuries. 2008. Stock market crash. Bush bails out corporations and Wall Street unpunished. Real journalism dies.(Mostly because people do not want or can’t pay for it.)


Nothing changes. DEMs put up Hilary Clinton, she wins but our outdated electoral system again puts in office the candidate without the majority. 2016. Elected Donald Trump. His stupidity is the start of the rest of the world to stop looking at the USA for leadership. Just useless as a leader. Stokes all kinds of racist hate. GOP does nothing. (DEMs have turned into weak conservative party.)


Nothing changes. People unwilling to suffer to stop COVID-19. Continued oppression/racism against minorities and poverty. States, cities counties to poor to fund themselves. With all the knowledge of the world and the universe, people still believe in God’s. No changes in gun laws.


Probably nothing will change and the US has made its self irrelevant.