Hello to everyone around the internet world.

2024-06-16 02:50:08

"Be fruitful and multiply" is killing the planet.

For a good time read Genesis 38 out loud and proud

on a busy public street. (Maybe at a school bus stop.)

Hint. Have a lawyer and some bail money ready.

Every time Dumpy does not win it is rigged.

This is how a child thinks.

The last gasp of old politics is 2024.

If you can't take down the USA externally, do it internally.

With endless military spending.

Not taxing corporations and the rich.

Cheap recreational drugs.

Mindless entertainment.

*** Electing morons to the government. ***

*** Replacing education with religion. ***

Your God creates the Universe

but is so weak or incompetent that

he/she/it is unable to fix mistakes.

And then you have to ask, how does the

all knowing, all powerful entity make mistakes?


And also can't fix them?

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